An ocean full of social media marketing with LinkedIn

How heart breaking it is to be out of sight and eventually out of mind !!social, media, marketing, LinkedIn, marketing

Don’t worry, we at Manobal will be defining your charisma in the e-market and will never let your brand be lost in the online market.

Last year, we saw an increasing number of firms going for pure digital social media marketing campaigns and with the number of people spending more time online. And in 2015, the 4 walls of our businesses have changed into an enormous spectrum of social media marketing. As we know that today time is money and finding content to share on social media takes time. Manobal automatically discovers, schedules, and posts content for you, freeing up more time to engage with customers.


With our rich experience in a wide array of business, Manobal is here to:

  1. Conceptualize and execute a niche SEO & Social Media Campaign where we build in brand communique in online conversations.
  2. Build awareness on relevant platforms and drive traffic to the target page of and keep engaging them.
  3. Identify and monitor the target group.
  4. Increase engagement through polls, webinars, contest, interactive and informative content and upcoming programs.
  5. Improve overall search engine ranking to increase visibility on Google.
Today have you noticed how influence can change in an instant? A person’s opinion or a company’s overview, an entire landscape can change with a blink of an eye.We ne
ed to confirm how our brand story being told and consumed by the potential customer.To understand patterns of the big picture of market conditions we provide you with a dashboard of enormous possibilities to track the market with just a few clicks. With Manobal, you can measure your performance against the competition.We focus on 4 Pillars of social media marketing to maximize client’s social selling efforts:
  • Create a professional brand: The content you share also shapes your brand, so make it a goal to share high-quality information. Manobal adds rich content, such as slides and videos.
  • Find the right people: LinkedIn research shows B2B buyers dislike cold calls and emails. Manobal views details of potential prospects in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree networks. We also check who viewed your profile and engage with relevant viewers.
  • Engage with insights: Clients expect potential solutions to their problems to enhance performance.
  • Build strong relationships: Gaining insight into business needs and role changes over the longer term helps to maintain client relationships. Manobal focuses on connecting to senior level people at your prospect and customer companies.

In the present scenario, we are breathing in the air full of social media marketing firms. And most of the brands that we know of find it tough to have a strategy around branded content. Many of them end up just talking about themselves and come out at ‘me-me-me’ message which the consumers hate to see. But at Manobal’s desk, we know what to say by uncovering key insights, and get warm introductions by extending your LinkedIn network.

Our aim is to pull you out of your 4 walled views, build a strong social network for you and help you taste the sweetness of success.