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Explainer videos are most effective and affordable marketing solution for a growing business.

Manobal, an explainer video production company firmly believes that every business should have an explainer video. It inflates your conversion rates, clarifies your product, and boost your sales. We serve this category of explainer video services at a very competitive rates.

Explainer videos explain the whole idea to the viewer in just 2-3 minutes.These Explainer videos entice its viewer by simplistic designs and wooing elements and are always fun to watch. These Explainer videos are really engaging as a result it converts a just “moved on” audience into a buying customer or follower.


Posting_v02.mp4 from babul on Vimeo.

Please change your old boring traditional way of a presentation where its takes hrs of speaking in front of potential customers where customers always prefer to move away.Their retention level is very low.Manobal, an explainer video production company  will convert 2-3 hrs of speech into 2-3 minutes of explainer videos.These explainer videos successfully convey your whole idea in a  very influencing and simplistic way.

This is how we believe the ideas should be told.

Yes, there is a cost involved in producing a good quality explainer video but you must know that a well-produced explainer video will eventually pay off in the long run.

These explainer videos are very useful in Board meetings, Trainings, Seminars, Product launch videos, Promotional campaigns, Webinars etc.

We are an explainer video production company which can make different styles of explainer video as per your budget and taste.